Arabic Calligraphy course

Arabic Calligraphy course - Vienna

Arabic Calligraphy course – Vienna

Arabic Calligraphy course

The next Arabic Calligraphy course will start on Thursday 12th of March 2013 at the Österreichische Orient-Gesellschaft Hammer-Purgstall. This course consists of 6 lectures. The following dates will be: 19. March, 2.,16., 23. and 30. April.

All lectures start at 6 p.m. and end at 7.30 p.m.

Location address:

Österreichische Orient-Gesellschaft Hammer-Purgstall

Dominikanerbastei 6/6

A-1010 Wien,

Instructor:  Abd A. Masoud

During the 6 lectures the attendant will have an introduction and brief historical information about the Arabic Calligraphy origin, the different styles and tools used for calligraphy.

During the course the attendant will learn focusing on writing the Arabic alphabet in Ruq`ah script aiming writing their names and simple phrases at the end of the course.

No prior knowledge of Arabic is required. If you want to join this spiritual journey of calligraphy all you need is interest, enjoying learning something special and above all been patient with yourself.

To register, please contact office[at]

Austrian Orient Society Hammer-Purgstall (ÖOG)


3 thoughts on “Arabic Calligraphy course

    1. Abd A. Masoud Post author

      Oh dear thank you for the nice comment, who knows may be I will be in your neighbourhood one day in that time you can attend, tell then I wish you a nice journey roaming over wide-open spaces her and there,…


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