Rearte Gallery 2008 – 2013


In November 2013 Rearte Gallery celebrates its five-year anniversary. 2008 Helga and Abd A. Masoud started the adventure Rearte Gallery and turned the dilapidated old house to such a gem. Entering the house we find a completely different, a pleasantly different world than the one we have just left.  Abd A. Masoud succeeded in appealing all senses with its Rearte Gallery and only thus can explain that the visitors find simultaneously a soothing and stimulating atmosphere and with each breath more of the spirit of this house will be caught.


Rearte Gallery is a place to meet different people from all over the world which combines their love and pleasure for art. Abd A. Masoud allows them all in an unique way to exhibit their work at this exquisite place. Rearte Gallery was launched 2008 as a non profit private initiative in order to give chance for known and unknown artists to present themselves in an exclusive and representative atmosphere. Since then the Gallery dedicate itself supporting young emerging artists but also to connect artists from different countries and assist them to show their work in group exhibitions with other artists from the region (Austria).


Under the slogan “Having a place to meet different people from all over the world which combines their love and pleasure for art” Rearte Gallery celebrate on 8 November 2013 in the space of the gallery the five-year anniversary with a group exhibition. A group of 50 national and international artists (Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, USA) who already presented their artwork (painting, photography, sculpture, works on paper, wood and ceramic) in the gallery since its establishment will participate in this exhibition.


Rearte Gallery wishes to take this opportunity of warmly thanking to all the artists and the many visitors, most of whom travelled a substantial distance to visit the exhibition.



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