Calligraphy day in AAI

Global Calligraphy Vienna Workshop

Global Calligraphy Vienna Workshop

The Global Calligraphy Vienna is an international non-profit Art association based in Vienna – Austria committing its activities to practice and preserve the beauty of calligraphy. It promotes not only western calligraphy but the study, practice and teaching of calligraphy and related disciplines of other languages.

On Monday the 23rd of march the „Global Calligraphy Vienna“

invites calligraphy lovers for a workshop
Calligraphy day in the Afro Asian Institute – Vienna.

The workshop will be from 7 pm till 9 pm
On this day the visitor will have the opportunity to get information about the history of calligraphy and will have the chance to practice their ability using the different calligraphy writing tools (calligraphy pen, nibs, Qalam and brusch).

Fare astern Calligraphy: Junko Baba Japanese language, Yonghui Deistler- Yi Chinese,

Arabic calligraphy Abd A. Masoud,

European calligraphy Eva Pöll

Global Calligraphy Vienna

Global Calligraphy Vienna


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