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Falkenstein Castle


The ruins of Falkenstein Castle is located in the Weinviertel region of Lower Austria, about 55 km north of Vienna near the border to Czech Republic.

The history of the castle from the 11th century is as old as the settlement of the region. It was founded around 1050 by Emperor Henry III. 1106 Leopold III, Margrave of Austria purchased the castle, from then on it was owned by the rulers of Austria. 1572 Maximilian II sold Falkenstein to the Baron (later Count) of Trautson.


In 1645, in the last period of the Thirty Years’ War Falkenstein was conquered by Swedish forces, but not destroyed. Its decay began at the end of the 17th century, when the castle was dismantled by the owners themselves in order to re-use the material.

During the summer season, the inner ward is turned into an impressive site for medieval feasts and theatre plays.



They are back agin, Black Redstart are in Vienna


They are back agin, Today we had the firs vistor from the Redstart family.
This mean that we are having spring soon

Sawsan and semsem controlling

Sawsan and semsem controlling

Weissenkirchen, The Danube Valley

Weissenkirchen, The Danube Valley

Semsem is a passionate bird watcher

Semsem is a passionate bird watcher 🙂