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They are back agin, Black Redstart are in Vienna


They are back agin, Today we had the firs vistor from the Redstart family.
This mean that we are having spring soon


Vienna Roof Garden

Vienna Roof garden it’s onley her garden Diary,..

Schnee im Innenhof

Schnee im Innenhof


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Lednice – the House of Liechtenstein

At the end of the 18th century, the local manor lordship – the House of Liechtenstein – began to create a unique manmade landscape complex: The Lednice – Valtice Area. During the 19th century, the Liechtenstein family continued transforming the area, which has since been called the “Garden of Europe”, into a large landscape park with two centres:

Czech republic

Vlatice, Czech Republic

Forgotten places,  lost heritage

Vlatice, Czech Republic

Lednice castle

Lednice castle is a majestic, georgeous mansion.was owned from the Lichtenstein Dynesty

Czech Republic