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5 years Rearte Gallery in Meidling – press





5 years Rearte Gallery in Meidling photos

5_jahre_rearte_gallery _n_meidling_10
Some more photos from the last exhibition in the Meidling District Museum

Dr.Karl Lueger Memorial Church – Central Cemetery / Vienna






The church in the centre of the cemetery is named Karl-Borromäus-Kirche (Charles Borromeo Church), but is also known as Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Gedächtniskirche (Karl Lueger Memorial Church) because of the crypt of the former mayor of Vienna below the high altar. This church in Art Nouveau style was built in 1908-1910 by Max Hegele. The crypt of the Austrian Federal Presidents is located near the Dr.-Karl-Lueger Memorial Church. Beneath the sarcophagus,there is a burial vault with stairs leading down to a circular room.

5 Years Rearte Gallery In Meidling – Vienna press

5 Years Rearte Gallery In Meidling - Alarab Alyawm newspaper

5 Years Rearte Gallery In Meidling – Alarab Alyawm newspaper

28th February 2013 – 5 Years Rearte Gallery In Meidling

 5t year rearte gallery in Meidling

With Mrs. Gabriele Votava Head of Meidling district, Prof. Dr.  Vladimira BOUSSKA, and the artist Ne’mat Al-Nasser

With Mrs. Gabriele Votava Head of Meidling district, Prof. Dr. Vladimira BOUSSKA, and the artist Ne’mat Al-Nasser and Mr. Qais ABU DAIEH – Counsellor / Jordan embassy

The president of the Meidling district museum association Mrs. Gabriele Votava and in her function as Head of Meidling district wish to invite you for the opening of the exhibition

“5 years Rearte Gallery Meidling” 

Welcome speech:  Prof. Dr.  Vladimira BOUSSKA, Museum director

Guest of honour: His Excellency Mr. Makram MUSTAFA A. QUEISI Ambassador of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan

Opening address: Mrs. Gabriele Votava Head of Meidling district 

with the artist Mrs. Ne’mat Al-Nasser and H.E. Makram A. QUEISI

with the artist Mrs. Ne’mat Al-Nasser and H.E. Makram A. QUEISI

Jalal I. Ariqat

Was born in Limassol, Cyprus 1953

Member of the European, Mediterranean Art Association, Member of the Jordanian Plastic Artist Association

Participated in more than 200 group and Solo exhibitions between the years 1975 – 2012  in Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sharja, U.A.E, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, U.S.A, China, Bangladesh, Palestine, England, Belgium Azerbaijan, Austria and Hungary 

One of the pioneering environmental artist from Jordan, who has used his artistic talents to shed the spot light on the environmental issues to which he is deeply committed.  A professional full time artist for over 40 years , his paintings has been exhibited worldwide. 

Ne’mat Al-Nasser

1956, Born in Amman, Jordan. 1981 was receiving her BSc, Itching, College of Fine Arts, University of Damascus.

Since 2007 working as a Supervisor of Graphic Arts Studio, National Museum of Fine Arts.

She was Teaching arts courses in community colleges and Graphic Arts in Fine Arts Training Centre, Ministry of Culture. 

Between 1990-2005, she worked as an Arts Teacher in many schools, Ministry of Education. She is Member of administrative committee of Jordanian Association of Plastic Arts and was Vice president, Jordanian Association of Plastic Arts.

Abd A. Masoud

Born 1963 in Amman, Jordan, living since 1984 in ViennaAustria. 1989 started working professionally in the field of silk screen printing in this period acquired my first knowledge with graphic design and Typography.

1994 I found the passion for restoring old antique wood sculpture and furniture. Through this work I learned many techniques in this field. Autodidact I learned wood curving, calligraphy and painting.

2008 started running the Rearte gallery as a non profit private initiative which was launched in order to give a chance for known and unknown artist to present themselves and there Work in an exclusive and representative atmosphere in Vienna – Austria.

The exhibition can be visited tell the 28th of April 2013

5_jahre_rearte_gallery _n_meidling_4

Roman Ruin in Schönbrunn Palace – Vienna

Roman Ruin in Schönbrunn Palace
Originally known as the Ruin of Carthage, the Roman Ruin is a set of follies that was designed by the architect Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf von Hohenberg and erected as an entirely new architectural feature in 1778. Fully integrated into its parkland surroundings, this architectural ensemble should be understood as a picturesque horticultural feature and not simply as a ruin, which due to lack of maintenance it had increasingly grown to resemble prior to its recent restoration.